Kamp Koren


Activity packages 3- or 5- day activity package with experienced tourist guide who will fill your vacation with the right amount of relaxation, sport and adventure.

Kamp Koren :


Those of you who love spending your holidays in the tents will definitely enjoy themselves in Zone D, since there are several terraces available there and the sites are not accessible by car. The terraces are of various sizes, some of them are large enough for only one tent. In the immediate vicinity of the terraces, there is a special covered picnic spot where you are allowed to light a campfire. In the immediate vicinity of Zone D, there is also a parking lot.

Zones A, B and C are more suitable for larger tents, and there you can also find space for smaller tents, that is under the edge of the slope in the upper part of Zone C. Here, there are also spots intended for barbecues and campfires.

Zone E also has its special charm because it is entirely in the forest and its upper part borders on a grassy clearing. It is intended for tents as well as campers and caravans. There are electric hook-up points and campfire spots available there.


Guests who arrive to the campsite by a camper or caravan may use campsites in Zones A, B and C. Six sites in Zone C provide full utility services; they have electric hook-ups as well as drainage and water hook-ups. In the campground, in the sanitary facilities by the reception, there is a chemical toilet, and in Zone D, by the climbing wall, there is an area for fresh water inlet and waste water outlet.

You can also park your camper or caravan in Zone E, which is in the forest and its upper part borders on a grassy clearing. There are electric hook-up points, sanitary facilities and campfire spots available.


For all of you who prefer a solid roof over your head we designed six wooden eco chalets in 2009. The beautiful wooden houses on the terraces just a few steps away from the reception offer a luxurious stay on two levels with 100 square meters in total size. Each chalet accepts up to 6 persons (4 + 2), and in two of the chalets, pets are allowed.

On ground level, there are an entrance hall, which is suitable for storing sport equipment, a large living room with a couch (extra bed for two persons), a TV-set, a dining corner and a handy kitchen with all the necessary equipment and a fridge. On ground level, there is also a bathroom with a shower. On the upper floor, there are two bedrooms, in each there are two very comfortable beds (2.10 m in length), which can be transformed into a double bed. In the chalets, there is free internet wireless connection available.

A stay in eco chalets is especially comfortable due to the warmth of the wood, which always creates the optimal climate in the rooms, since the wood takes the excess moisture from the air or emits it, when the air in the room is too dry. The wooden walls are coated only with oil, and the floor in the rooms is waxed and coated with linseed oil, which enables the wood to preserve all its natural power. Around the chalets, there are flower beds and lawns, which can be accessed via stone paths. Holidays in these eco chalets present a wonderful mixture of comfort and a close connection to nature.

Come and enjoy it!

The acclaimed camping guide Alan Rogers gave the quality of stay in our eco chalets the highest possible grade and selected our campground to be the European Winner of Rented Accommodation Award 2010.



If you prefer glamping, you can stay in the glamorous wooden house, LILIJA, for two people. Here you will find a double bed, shower, toilet and a small equipped kitchen. Its innovative design makes it a very functional space. A special charm is the panoramic glass wall through which you have a direct view of the outside directly from your bed. The house is insulated and heated, built of natural materials, and suitable for rent in all seasons. Attached is a large wonderful wooden terrace where you can relax.


Choose: endless peace or adrenaline injection The Soča Valley between Tolmin and Trenta is one of the most important European natural heritage sites and it is especially well-known among paragliders and kayakers as well as climbers, hikers, mountain bikers and sport fishermen. But these are just some options that the river Soča and its surroundings offer to sport enthusiasts.

It seems that nature created this area beneath the Julian Alps just for them, since here the conditions for active leisure time are perfect; let us also mention rafting, canyoning, hydrospeeding and horseback riding.

It is no coincidence that numerous paragliding competitions (world championship, open national championships of England, the Netherlands, Hungary …) take place here and that kayakers and climbers from all around the world come to the Soča Valley. When you discover the beauties of the Soča Valley, you will want to come back again and again.

Sport activities in camping :


To make your vacation more diverse, there is a pétanque court in the campsite available for you. A more modern sport such as volleyball is perfect for smaller groups of friends, where as couples may prefer to play some tennis table. Children can enjoy themselves on the playground with outdoor play equipment, climbing frames, a slide and a climbing wall for children. The climbers, beginners as well professionals, can use an 8-m-high climbing tower, which can be used from three sides. When you gain sufficient climbing skills on the climbing tower in the campsite, you can try climbing numerous natural climbing walls in the surroundings of Kobarid or in a Triglav National Park, which is only a few kilometres away. At the reception of the campground, you will be given all the necessary information regarding paragliding, kayaking, hiking, biking, rafting, trips and more. At the reception, kayakers and fishermen can buy day or weekly permits.

Sport activities arround campsite :


Koren Kobarid Camping**** has many visitors due to numerous possibilities for sport activities offered in the surroundings of the camping – from Tolmin to Bovec, Trenta and Vršič, all the way to Kranjska Gora and the highest Slovene ski run Kanin, from where in sunny days you can see the gulf of Trieste and the Adriatic Sea.

Also due to stunning views, Kobarid is regularly visited by many paragliders. In the surroundings of Koren Campsite, there are many runways. Every day, para-taxi can take you there (extra charge). At the campsite, you will be given the information regarding the flights and you will be able to come in touch with local paragliding instructors, which are familiar with the weather conditions in this area, landing fields and more. They also provide tandem paragliding (www.drustvo-adrenalin.si).

Kayakers will be provided with all the services and information needed for the best adrenaline adventure. At the reception, at the cost of 3 Euros, you can buy a day kayaking permit for the access points by the river Soča.

At the river Soča, sport fishing enthusiasts will feel like they are in heaven. A fairytale landscape and cunning Soča trout offer such a great experience that any real fisherman dreams about. At the reception, you can also buy a fishing permit; you can buy a catch permit or a catch-release permit (price list http://www.ribiska-druzina-tolmin.si/pravila.php).

Winter tourism :

Near Campsite Koren you can enjoy skiing on Kanin. Kanin-Sella Nevea is the only high-mountain ski resort in Slovenia where the trails rise over 2000 meters above sea level. It lies above Bovec, a city on the banks of the Soča river. Kanin-Sella Nevea is a mountain ski center where the skiing season lasts from December to the end of April. More information on www.kanin.si or www.boveckanin.si. For larger groups we can arrange transportation from campground to ski resort.

Climbing wall :

At Koren Camping, sport climbing enthusiasts will undoubtedly find what you they are looking for. There is an 8-m-high climbing tower, which offers various climbing challenges to everyone, also experienced climbers. There are routes available for children and complete beginners, for middle-grade climbers and experienced professionals. You can climb on three sides of the tower, which means that the climbing tower can be used by more climbers at the same time. You can also climb the nearby natural climbing walls, which are only half an hour’s walk away from the campsite.

Gear rental :


At the reception, for free of charge, you can borrow a ball for volleyball and a set of balls for pétanque, and you can also hire a bike. Among the recreational bikes, there are also some for children. Climbers, individuals or teams, can hire the climbing tower. This costs from 3 to 15 Euros for a person per hour; it depends on the group size and a possible hire of a climbing instructor. More demanding mountain bikers can hire top-quality mountain bikes, as well as E-bikes. Bike hire costs 25 Euros per day and 15 Euros per half day, for normal mountain bike and 40 Euros per day and 30 Euros per half day, for E-bike.

Adventure park :

Adrenaline park is also available for all adrenaline enthusiasts in the camp. Overcoming various obstacles between the canopy of trees overlooking the emerald river Soča is an ideal opportunity to actively spend free time and accelerate the heartbeat.

Contact information :

Address: Trg svobode 13 5222 Kobarid Slovenia, EU

Phone number: +38640654475

Email: info@positive-sport.com

Website: www.positive-sport.com


At Koren Campsite, everyone will enjoy themselves, those who love camping as well as those who prefer recreational vehicles and caravans. And for those who favour comfort, there are six wooden eco-chalets available. The terraced terrain on the left bank of the river Soča is divided into five zones, in which there are 70 campsites that measure about 40 to 100 square meters in size. The closest to the river Soča is Zone A (on the terrace, which is about 20 m above the river), the farthest from the river is Zone D (50 meters from the river).

The reception and store are in the middle of the campground. At the reception, you can buy a permit to go down the river Soča and a fishing permit.

In the campground, there are three sanitary facilities; one in Zone D, one in Zone E and the third is by the reception, where there are also the dishwashing area and a shower for the disabled. The camper users may also use chemical toilets, drainage hook-ups and water hook-ups.

The campsites in Zones A, B and C are primarily intended for campers, caravans and larger tents. In Zone C, there are 6 camper sites with full utility services. All campsites have access to electric hook-up points. In Zone B, visitors may use two open showers with cold water.

Campsites in Zone D are not accessible by car. This is why, this zone is intended for tents. This is also where most of the sport facilities are – climbing tower, volleyball court, table tennis and more. In the campsite, there are also a pétanque court and children’s playground. Zone E is suitable for campers as well as tents, and the upper part of the zone borders on a grassy clearing.

Across the campsite, by some campsites, there are benches and tables, which offer more comfort and a more pleasant stay.

The campsite is covered with trees, which provide a lot of shade; however, by the river, even in the hottest summer days, it is pleasantly cool.

Better for the environment

Since it was established, Campground Koren Kobarid aims for the nature-friendly development, and this is why, at the campsite, we pay special attention to environmental protection. Beside fulfilling all the criteria for the EU Ecolabel, we share our passion for organic food with our guests. In the campsite, we laid out some herb gardens, where guests can gather herbs for free of charge and thus improve their holiday lunch.

In the store, which operates within the campground, you can also buy eco products. In the cooperation with the organic farms nearby, we offer our guests fresh local organic vegetables and fruit, and also cheese, honey, homemade specialities and home-grown herbs.

Available to campsite guests:

- store (with eco products)

- children’s playground with a climbing wall

- climbing tower * (8 m high; suitable for beginners as well as professional climbers)

- volleyball court

- bike hire (also for children)

- mountain bike hire* (also for children

- pétanque court

- table for table tennis

- table tennis balls and bats for hire*

- use of washing- and drying machine*

- internet access*


In order to make your vacation at Koren Camping as perfect as possible, at the info centre, we offer all the necessary information regarding your favourite sport and some ideas how to spend your free time discovering the sights in the vicinity. We will be able to advise you better and give you more information upon your arrival. Our employees at the reception will be happy to answer all your questions and help satisfy also the specific needs of our guests by giving them valuable advice (paragliders, kayakers etc.).

If you have any specific wishes, please inform us about this prior to your arrival so that we will be able to organise all that is required.

- Sights in the vicinity :

The area surrounding the campsite is very picturesque, since here you can find the most beautiful sights in the Soča Valley: the Soča canyon, the waterfalls of the stream Kozjak, gravel river banks, famous Napoleon’s bridge and the renovated front line from the First World War.

- Special information regarding adrenaline sports :

At the campsite, we will provide you with all the information regarding the flights and help you get in touch with the local paragliding instructors, who are well-acquainted with the weather conditions in this area, landing fields and more. They also provide tandem paragliding (www.drustvo-adrenalin.si).

We will also help the more independent kayakers by providing them with all the services and information they need for the best adrenaline experience. At the reception, at the cost of 3 Euros you can buy a day kayaking permit for the access points by the river Soča.

– Weather forecast

- Interesting links

This is where the home of nature-friendly ecotourism is The nature-friendly orientation of Koren Campsite is one of our basic features and the main obligation to nature and our guests. Everything in the campsite is organised with regard to nature and the protection and care of natural resources. Moreover, we strive to offer as many products from the local ecological cultivation in our store.

Eco products

In the store, which operates within the campground, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables from the nearby farms and other local specialities, such as cheese, local Slovene honey, dried meat products, herbs, aromatic plants and more, are always available. In the campsite, we laid out some herb gardens, where for free of charge our guests can gather fresh herbs for their soup, risotto or grilled fish.

EU Ecolabel

Koren Campsite was the first Slovene campsite that in 2011 fulfilled the required criteria for the acquirement of the European Ecolabel for the environment-friendly campsite. Due to the many years of striving towards nature-friendly tourism and ecological arrangements, we had no problems acquiring this certificate.

We are aware of the fact that nature is the source of our lives, and this is why we respect it. We make sure that we use as many reusable containers as possible. For heating the water, we use the energy from renewable energy sources (solar cells), we save water, use rainwater for watering the plants, instead of environmentally harmful detergents we use natural, degradable cleaning agents (i.e. vinegar), we recycle and expect the same from our guests.









Phone :

– T : +386 (0)5 389 13 11

– M : +386 (0)41 371 229

Web site: https://www.kamp-koren.si

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/camp.koren

E – mail : info@kamp-koren.si

Adress : Ladra 1b, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenia

“Koren” camp-site is situated in the picturesque landscape by the Soca river, only 500 meters from Kobarid, by the road to Drežnica. The camp-site is located in the vicinity of the most interesting spots in the Soca valley: the Soca river canyon, the waterfall of the Kozjak stream, gravel pits, Napoleon’s bridge and the restored front-line from World War l.

The camp-site is the perfect spot for those who enjoy kayaking, fishing, hunting, mountain cycling, mountaineering, Alpinclimbing, Paragliding, Hang-gliding, walking or jogging.


N 46°15.053

E 013°35.200

Adress : https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kamp+Koren/@46.249977,13.587021,634m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xae9431d62e040ecb!8m2!3d46.2499772!4d13.5870215?hl=sr-RS

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