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At a settlement called St. George in Armeni lays a renovated old mansion. It has been renovated with great enthusiasm and a lot of personal work. In the old times the mansion was a rest station and served as a hiding place (a hideout) for George Pentheroudakis (aka Tsakalos), a martyr and hero of the struggle against the Turks. His brother, Manolis, had moved there from the nearby village Koumi the origin of his wife. A special feature of the mansions of this period was the possibility of escape through a tunnel built in a low height (50-60 cm) which through the neighboring courtyards led to freedom.

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At a settlement called St. George in Armeni lays a renovated old mansion. It has been renovated with great enthusiasm and a lot of personal work. In the old times the mansion was a rest station and served as a hiding place (a hideout) for George Pentheroudakis (aka Tsakalos), a martyr and hero of the struggle against the Turks.

His brother, Manolis, had moved there from the nearby village Koumi the origin of his wife. A special feature of the mansions of this period was the possibility of escape through a tunnel built in a low height (50-60 cm) which through the neighboring courtyards led to freedom.

The mansions of this period form a single complex with common walls (partitions), inner courtyards with high stone fences, arches and inner chambers (lofts). They are built with natural materials (stone, clay, wood, iron). The artisans of the era carved the stones with great care. Stones as a building material were in abundance in the area.

The same materials were used for the renovation of the mansion without changing the philosophy and functionality of the building. Then, with a lot of effort and passion the decoration of the mansion was completed with original furniture from that era .The perfect combination of furniture and building helps the visitor visualize earlier times in that period bloom.

Villa estia is located at a settlement called Saint George in Armeni, next to the church of the village.

Villaestia is a very spacious (180 m2 ) two-storey stone-built house, which can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults. It is open all year round and it is the best option for those looking for something more than simple relaxation during their holidays.

By choosing Villaestia as the destination of your holidays you can enjoy the calmness of nature that surrounds you, a great variety of organized activities and acquire new experiences during your stay. It is located just 800 meters away from the village Armeni which gives you great access to two large super markets, a pharmacy, an ATM and a gas station. You will also find a bakery – pastry shop, cafés and traditional taverns, shops that sell homemade cheese, a car wash and a hair salon,veterinary practice and pet hotel.


A great feature of the building is that it has a very large fire source – a fireplace- (called parasia) used also as a BBQ which gives the room a sense of warmth. This is a trademark of this accommodation because the name Villaestia is inspired by the ancient Greek goddess Hestia, protector of houses and families in ancient times. It was also a symbol of hospitality in every home and every temple of the city and there was always a large or small fire burning for the worship of the goddess.

Living room The villa has a large living room area (80m²) which is used as a living room with central heating (radiators) and a very large fireplace. The room is decorated with traditional furniture, old jars and vases, many green plants. Visitors can also see heirlooms (for example an old gramophone, an old iron, a hand mill, a Cretan lyre, a manual sewing machine) and family praises from World War II, which create a unique style in the room. It has a large fireplace (called parasia) which was always burning since the predecessors of the house were cooking their daily meals and used it as the only way to get warm during the winter. The following are also provided: a large TV, a DVD player, Home Cinema system, Internet access and a laptop with free internet access (free wifi). Kitchen The kitchen is 6 meters long, fully equipped with crockery and dishes, a big table (6 seats), a spacious fridge and freezer, an electric oven with ceramic hobs, a microwave, a coffee machine for espresso, cappuccino, freddo and nescafe, but also for hot drinks, an electric mixer for making frappe coffee, a toaster, a blender and a juicer. Bedrooms There are two bedrooms upstairs (35 m² and 25 m² respectively) equipped with a king size bed made of an old wooden loom, a TV,a air condition, a spacious closet, various other small useful furniture, a room ionizer and a safe box.Let us know beforehand if you have a baby and need a baby cot Bathroom The bathroom is spacious (20m²) and has a shower, a bathtub, a washing machine, a dryer, a hair dryer and towels dryers.

Exterior :

The courtyard of the house is covered with a wooden pergola and is a sunny, lush, little oasis with lots of colourful flowers and many Cretan herbs, such as thyme, marjoram, rosemary, verbena, spearmint, basil, pennyroyal, dictamnus, mint, sage, lavender and ginger. These herbs are known since antiquity for their beneficial qualities and are recommend to drink as a beverage (e.g. mountain tea) or to be used as spices when cooking which gives food a unique taste of Cretan flavours. In the upper area, the two large sunny balconies, also covered with wooden pergola, have a beautiful view of the green oak forest of the village where you can spend moments of relaxation.

Free Facilities:

Warm welcome on arrival with raki, dried nuts and seasonal fruits Heavy check markDishwasher

Heavy check mark You will taste wine, raki, olive oil, all produced by the owner of the villa Heavy check markMicrowave oven Heavy check mark TV satellite Heavy check markCoffee machine for espresso Heavy check mark DVD player Heavy check markCoffee machine for filter coffee Heavy check mark Wi-Fi access Heavy check markKettle / blender Heavy check mark Home cinema system Heavy check markDishes, cutlery Heavy check mark Washing machine, Clothes dryer Heavy check mark Refrigerator Heavy check mark Linens provided Heavy check markFreezer Heavy check markTowels provided Heavy check markBuilt-in stove with an electric oven and ceramic hotplates Heavy check mark Large double beds (3) Heavy check markToaster / Mixer / Juicer Heavy check mark Couches – beds (2) Heavy check mark Water filter system Heavy check mark Living room seats/capacity (15)

Outdoor space :

Heavy check markDining seats/capacity (6) Heavy check markSunny court yard with a wooden pergola, Cretan herbs and flowers Heavy check markHot water Heavy check mark Sunny terraces with wooden pergolas Heavy check markComputer with a printer Heavy check markTable with chairs Heavy check markInformation for trips and traveling Heavy check mark Parking space for 2 cars Heavy check mark Taxi and rental car services Heavy check mark Safe Box Heavy check mark Hair / towel dryer Heavy check mark Iron and ironing board Heavy check markFree access on the internet Heavy check mark Central heating Heavy check mark Fireplace, BBQ Heavy check mark air condition Heavy check mark Pool.

Extra facilities :

Wheelchair access: No Accessible for seniors: Yes Pets allowed: No Smoking allowed: Yes Suitable for children: Yes

Pick fresh fruit and vegetables

In the garden, which is next to the villa, the owner cultivates fruit and seasonal vegetables without using any pesticides. You can attend and watch the whole process, the harvest and of course you can taste them.

Visit the Late Minoan cemetery of Armeni :

(13 – 12th century BC) The cemetery is located 2 km far away from the village situated in a beautiful oak forest. There have been found over 220 tombs. Most of the tombs were found looted and contained a lot of rich findings like pottery, figurines, and bronze weapons, fine jewellery, several tools etc. Most of the findings are now at the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon (the archaeological site is open for the public).

The harvest and pressing of the grapes before the wine is produced :

After August 20 until the end of September, is the most important time of year for the work of growers. Then it takes place the harvest and pressing of the grapes. You can watch the whole process until the must gets into the barrels. Also you can taste the famous jelly pie made from pressed grapes.

The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno :

The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno stands in front of the main gate of the Fortezza fortress. Its exhibits provide an enduring image of the cultural history of Rethymno from the Neolithic Age until the Roman occupation of the area. The various collections include findings from caves, settlements and cemeteries of the Minoan period, as well as geometric objects from the Archaic, the Classical, the Hellenistic and the Roman period found during the excavations of different important ancient cities.

Historical – Folklore Museum of Rethymno :

The Foundation’s building dates from the 17th century. It is a Venetian building of unique beauty. It is suitable for the presentation of various collections and it contributes significantly to the protection of the monument. It includes objects of traditional handicrafts and folk art, offering the visitors a unique opportunity to see the folklore elements of the area which date from the 17th century until today.

Visit a riding center :

Visit an organized riding center suitable for children, adolescents and adults. The property dominates the beauty of nature and the magnificence of horses wins all ages. Live this experience with the help of qualified staff providing riding lessons at affordable prices.

Dolphin diving center :

Organized diving centers offer diving experiences in the clean and clear waters of Crete where you are able to explore the great seabed with underwater caves and shipwrecks. Enjoy this unique experience with security with the help from qualified and experienced divers. Also suitable for beginners who want to make their first attempt and become familiar with the mystery of the bottom of the Cretan sea (always with the presence of an experienced instructor next to them).

Jeep safari :

Experience the natural beauty of Crete on a jeep, climb mountains, cross rivers and live up close the wildlife of the island! A unique experience worth treating yourself!

Arkadi Monastery :

The Arkadi Monastery is only 27 km far from the city of Rethymno. The monastery was a center of education and copying manuscripts. The gold embroidery workshops showed admirable production during the 17th and 18th centuries. The most important point in the history of the monastery is the Holocaust of November 8, 1866 that gave the Monastery a top place in history. The monastery had a strong presence in the struggle against the Turkish slavery, helping inhabitants throw off the Turks from the island and change the course of history of Crete. Today the monastery is open for visitors who are able to see important exhibits on display. It is also still a place of worship and is remembered as an eternal symbol of freedom and heroism with a worldwide impact.

Argyroupoli village :

Argiroupoli s a picturesque village located 27 km South West of the town of Rethymno in a green area, built on the ruins of ancient Lappa. The location of the The village has beautiful water sources, dense vegetation, small waterfalls and plane trees, a cave and a chapel which are worth dedicating one day’s visit.

Pricelist :

1/05/2017 – 31/05/2017 € 110 ( the night with minimum stay 2 nights)

1/06/2017 – 30/06/2017 € 130 ( the night with minimum stay 5nights)

1/07/2017 – 31/07/2017 € 130 (the night with minimum stay 5 nights)

1/08/2017 – 31/08/2017 € 130 ( the night with minimum stay 5 nights)

1/09/2017 – 30/09/2017 € 130 ( the night with minimum stay 5 nights)

1/10/2017 – 31/10/2017 € 130 ( the night with minimum stay 5 nights)

1/11/2017 – 30/11/2017 € 130 ( the night with minimum stay 5 nights)

1/12/2017 – 31/12/2017 € 130 ( the night with minimum stay 5 nights)

1/01/2018 – 31/01/2018 € 130 ( the night with minimum stay 5 nights)

The above prices are for 4 people , each additional person with € 20

-The rooms are available from 12:00 am on the date of arrival until 12 noon on the day of departure.

-The validation of reservations are made by a bank deposit payment of 30% of the cost of the reservation.

-The settlement / pay off of accounts is made only with cash according to the applicable regulation of EOT.

– For a cancellation more than 31 days before the expected date of arrival there is no charge and the deposit is refunded.

– For a cancellation 31 days or less from the arrival date, a fee of 30% of the total reservation is charged.

– In case of an early departure or a late arrival, 100% of the total reservation will be charged, as was planned.

– Any damage in the Villa done during your stay will be charged extra.

History :

Crete is the southernmost tip of Europe located at the crossroads of three continents and five seas. It has always been a meeting point for different people. The island has a history of at least 9000 years (there evidence of human activity on the island since then). Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and the southern border of Europe. It combines the ancient and contemporary history.

Due to its geographical strategic location, Crete, except the crossroads of three continents, it has been since the beginning of the history, the apple of discord for each occupier. The ancestors of Cretans are the Minoans. But the island was colonized by Achaeans, Dorians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians and Turks. Also, for a long time the Mediterranean pirates roamed its shores. The cultural tradition of Crete comes within the general tradition of the Aegean, with many common or similar items, such as clothing, gastronomy, music, language, manners and customs, impromptu serenades, proverbs and fables. Also the creation of traditional folk art, folk architecture, sculpture, ceramics – pottery, painting and arts of female character, such as knitting, embroidery and weaving.

Crete has more than 100 beaches to enjoy the sun and sea. Whether you are looking for beautiful sandy beaches, small bays, beaches with shallow water suitable for small children or secluded beaches for nudists you will find everything on Crete.

It also has snow capped peaks that reach a height of 2.5 km. There you can see beautiful plateaus others inhabited and others not. Crete is a mountainous island and that means thousands of paths for those who like hiking, mountaineering and climbing.

Nature :

You will find a huge variety of landscapes, forests of chestnut and oak trees, exotic palm groves next to beautiful beaches, fertile plains of fragrant trees, hills with sharp stones and rocks that provide shelter to dozens of small birds and animals.

History and modern infrastructure :

You can see the remaining of Minoan palaces that were built 3500 years ago, walk on Roman paved streets, admire Byzantine churches, explore Venetian and Turkish fortresses all of which compose a unique mosaic in the history and culture of Crete that has the oldest European culture. In Crete you will find the most fashionable resorts that offer hospitality and entertainment day and night to thousands of visitors. On the other hand, a few kilometers further, you can see dozens of villages follow a different lifestyle preserving tradition, language, customs and traditions of their homeland.

The large and beautiful island :

Wherever you finally find yourself in Crete, remember that the different routes that you can follow if you want to get to know the island are inexhaustible and each one of them still holds different surprises and images that alternate constantly in front of your eyes. Enjoy car rides along the coast of Crete, or the narrow streets of the beautiful small villages in the inner land. Walk through canyons or climb to the top of the mountains. Swim in the beaches, do water sports, wear a mask and discover the magic of the seabed or enjoy the heat of the sun lying on the sand. Visit museums and archaeological sites, spend an educational and enjoyable breakfast in Thalassocosmos in Heraklion, one of the largest aquariums in southeast Mediterranean, play golf with your friends or have fun with your children in one of the five waterparks in Crete.

Whatever you wish for, Crete can offer it, because Crete is large, beautiful and always takes care of its visitors in the best possible way.

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